Saturday, June 8, 2013

Climbing Rock in Washington - Post Rainier

With the turn in the weather, we all opted to head back to Seattle to spend our last few days. Mark made quick work of smoozing the Mariott rewards lady over the phone and hooked us up with primo digs for the next couple nights. "Oh what's that? Breakfast, included? Thank you dearly, ma'am, you're quite wonderful".

That night we grabbed dinner at a place in Bellevue, so we could be in a prime spot for making the pilgrimage to Mammot Mountain Works. I could spend hours meandering that store, picking through books, checking out the latest offerings from the usual and unusual gear brands. And we did. Of course we did. We probably logged a solid two hours in there pouring through the local guidebooks, looking for a decent crag with as many sport routes that we could find -- we only brought glacier ropes and alpine draws, so traditional climbing was ruled out. We chatted with two of the regional route developers and narrowed our choice down to Exit 38, literally the 38th exit down the I-90 corridor. It was settled. The next morning, we convinced Dave to loan us his car for the day -- he had a commitment that demanded his time. So the three of us, Jay, Mark and I set out towards Snoqualmie pass for an enjoyable time of clipping bolts.

Climbing at Exit 38
Mountain Project Info

 Soaking in some sport climbing with our glacier ropes! *M

Mark takes the first go.

This was a tricky 5.9, that Mark cleverly sent with ease.

Nice lead, Mark!
Jay honing his craft. *M

Myself, leading "Occam's Razor" 5.9, a fun arete with some crazy exposure out to the left. *J
Mark on belay. As solid as they come. *J
 Jay, making quick work on route. *J

Myself climbing on "Erectile Dysfunction" 5.8
 Practicing some multi-pitch with Markerson. Climbing with a backpack is always good to practice. *M
Tres amigos menos uno amigo (Dave was missing). *M

 Another highlight: Catching a Sounders game! Soccer fans are diehards! *M

 Dave, climbing away on this cute wall we found in the middle of the forest. *J

Send it, Dave! *J
Photo Credits:
Mostly my photos except for those denoted by an asterisk.

*J  = Jay 
*D = Dave
*M = Mark

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