Thursday, November 4, 2010

"What is it that's calling you?"

"How are you going to get there?"

While perusing my forums on lunch at work today, I stumbled across an amazing video of Jonathan Copp and some fellas that really pulled at that desire within me to get out and to experience. This narrated piece is a great account of the journey of an expedition as a whole, when you finally take that leap and go for a dream. All the planning this side of the moon is often out the window once you immerse yourself -- And that's okay. You'll hear it time and time again, "it's all about the experience". Whether it's on the mountain itself or during the remote trek in lieu of the approach, boarding the plane for that first departure or even just finally deciding to try out a membership at the local climbing gym; it's all about the experience. And you're better for it.

"Perceived failures are often the greatest adventures"*

Krystal, the wonderful woman I have been dating for the past year and a half, has really helped me to realize the potential in life out there; to seek the unsought; to ponder the possibility. And above all, to try. Since meeting her, I have taken up some 'weird' hobbies, tried some new foreign cuisines where most comfortable Americans wouldn't dare tread, picked activities that we normally wouldn't care to try as our Friday night dates, and the list goes on. To sum it up, she and I actually have a bucket list where we started throwing random ideas, curiosities and goals onto... that reminds me, I need to update it ;-).

Looking over now, we have both contributed items ranging from attending an improv show together to going rogue on a "guided segway tour" through a busy city. We even have the big goals on there such as taking a cruise together and backpacking through Europe. Whether we get to them all is part of the fun, but they're still there, large or small. Often times, it's the little dreams that inspire the larger dreams that seem to naturally follow. I guess the long and the short of this post is just to get out there. Whatever your craft is, pursue it harder than you ever thought you could. Whatever your craft is, try something completely different for a change. Whatever your craft is, enjoy the journey and take a step back every so often to see how it has shaped you as an individual. We've each been equipped with some uniquely awesome God-given gifts. Let's put 'em through the ringer; long live the pursuit!

[*All quotes above from Johnny Copp]