Find Me!

Yep, I am using the SPOT personal locator beacon service. If I am on a hike, trek, expedition, you can find my waypoints in "real time" at the following link:
Or check out my embedded map below...
To view the map below, simply click the "hide" button

"What is SPOT?" you may ask. Well, my friends [likely family reading this actually], it keeps me from getting too far in over my head to the point where I am left for dead. Alright, I'm exaggerating a bit... In dire, dire circumstances, when I have no foreseeable options to remove my self from the wilderness, this SPOT device provides a last-chance means of summoning help from the proper emergency services. But WAIT! That's not all... It also allows me to send out OK messages to loved ones, allowing the viewers following along at home to track my progress in real time. The unit itself works with the ol' global positioning satellites to figure a coordinate lat-lon position and then relays that information back to the sats, and finally to the SPOT servers, where you can follow my waypoints on a google map. Most importantly, it puts my girlfriend's and mother's minds at ease, while allowing me the clarity of mind to seek out my adventure. Amen to that!

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