Latest Footage...

Mount Gilbert's North Couloir, CA - June, 2013
A mixed climb of sorts up the North Couloir of Mt. Gilbert in the Eastern Sierras of Cali.

Mount Shasta, CA - March, 2012
Mt. Shasta during a winter training climb. Using all the skills we've learned over the last few year we wanted to push ourselves a little bit with the weather, navigation, physical ability and knowledge. Building a snow cave and learning quite a bit about what to expect in cold weather.

Ice Climbing in Ouray, CO - January, 2012

On the North Ridge of Mt. Humphreys
(Kachina Peaks Wilderness, Coconino National Forest)

Baggin' Humphreys Summit from the North Chutes (Kachina Peaks Wilderness, Coconino National Forest)

First Attempt at Mt. Whitney (Inyo National Forest)
This was one of my first "bigger" trips, from way back in 2011 -- I was such a noob back then, and for what it's worth, I'm still pretty much noob. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right? I find this kind of funny how dramatic I made this out to be, but to be fair, it was the first time I almost puked my brains out from a case of altitude sickness. I was so out of shape back then too. Ah, it's so precious. Hahaha...

Topping out at Iceberg Lake, base of Mount Whitney, CA (Inyo National Forest)

Climbing the Bowl on Mount Baldy, CA (San Gabriel Mountains, LA County)
.This one is cute too! My first out-of-state solo snow-climbing effort, where I met one of my best amigos, Mark. Love that fella!